NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

New web page

Written by: Roger Birkeland
Published: 22.02.12
Finally, we can welcome you to our new web page. This webpage is made possible through co-operation with Wondercode and InCreo, as our sponsors in the web business. Now, we have a webpage built upon a CMS-system that easily allows every participant in the project to be a contributor to our content.
Since we are operating in an international world, the main language will be English. It's a somewhat hard decision to opt out on Norwegian, since it would have been a good ting to keep the space science part of Norwegian alive through this page. However, several of our team members are exchange students that does not know Norwegian as a primary nor secondary language. As a remark; the Experts in team part of the site will be in Norwegian.

This website has several sections; you can navigate by using the menu on the left. You can read about the project, technical information about our satellite and you can get information on how to join our project.

We will fill in more content soon, so check back. But here should be plenty of suff to check out already!

If you have any feedback on this, pleas let us know!