NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

All the small things...

Written by: Roger Birkeland
Published: 14.06.11
Some thoughts at the end of a semester.

The semester is soon over, summer is here

The NUTS project is going into a period of less activity now, since the most of the current team is finishing and handing in their master thesesthis month. Next semester, a new team will be standing ready for action. If you'd like to join us, take a look here. We need embedded programmers!

Small achievements

We just received the FunCube Dongle Pro. We have only had time for a brief test, but together with SpectraVue software, it was easy to listen to regular FM-radio. The next step is of course to connect it to the real big antennae and see if we can listen to satellites. And yes, the other day we were successfulin downloading and decoding the beacon from the CUTE 1.7 + ADP II satellite! Not a big thing you might say, but for our project small things count!

Out in the world

Team members from the NUTS project will exhibit at the SmallSat conference in Utah in August this year, and two students will present their work at IAC in South Africa in October. More on this later on.