NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

NUTS at The European CubeSat Symposium

Written by: Marianne
Published: 20.02.12
On the 29th of January, a big part of the NUTS team took off to Brussels to participate at the European CubeSat Symposium and tell the CubeSat community about our project. We were represented with three presentations and one poster, which all got positive feedback from the audience.
Our group of six students stood out quite well in the crowd of middle-aged men in suits. Especially Kai Inges innovative composite frame created a lot of attention, and the poster (champagne) session that evening became a bit longer than planned.

Despite long days with presentations from nine to seven, few breaks and small lunches, we still had some time to do a little sightseeing. It must be mentioned that sightseeing in Brussels is just as much about the food and drinks as great old buildings, and we certainly had a great time.

Three long days in a row with presentations was maybe a bit too much for inexperienced conference participants, but we learned a lot of interesting things about other CubeSat projects, and made some useful contacts in the community. We are so happy that we could go to this conference in such a big group, many thanks to Kongsberg Seatex AS who gave us a sponsorship for the trip! It was all in all a very nice experience, both as a social event and as a unique opportunity to present our work abroad.

The presentations can be found on the website of the symposium: