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Lectures with solar physicist Pål Brekke at NTNU

Written by: Snorre
Published: 26.03.12
Pål Brekke is a famous solar physicist from the Norwegian Space Center and last week he held two great lectures at NTNU. Both of the talks had space related topics so members of NUTS attended these.

The topic of the lectures was:

“Norske romeventyr - Er Norge en stor romnasjon?”/  Norwegian space adventure- Is Norway a great space nation?

"The Stormy Sun - how does it affect our technology based society and climate?"

Both of the lectures had a duration of 45 min.

The talks were quite different and was intended for different audiences. During both talks he raised some quite interesting questions on how space technology affects humans.

The first lecture was quite general and  he gave an introduction to norwegian space industry(, how technology in space are used, how vulnerable this technology is and how it affects our lives.

The second lecture about the sun were mostly intended for people with a science or technical background. The talk was about how to study the sun, northern lights and how they get data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory( He also talked about how the sun affects our climate and environment. There are some controversial topics on that subject  and it was quite impressive to see Pål Brekke present the information in a good and balanced way. A room full of physicists is a tough crowd!

If you have a possibility to catch a talk by Pål Brekke you should go. If you are afraid of equations you have nothing to worry about. We didn`t see any. Instead we got to see a lot of beautiful pictures of the sun and the northern lights.

Members of NUTS had a really good time and learned a lot!

The picture is from the homepage of the Solar Dynamics Observatory: