NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Semester presentations 2012

Written by: Roger Birkeland
Published: 13.11.12
As almost a tradition, the NUTS project students will present their assignments this semester also. The event is open to everyone interested in learning more about the satellite project. Presentations take place in EL6, 28th of November from 0900. Welcome!
The tentative program looks like this:

From    To         Student                                 Topic
09:00    09:20    Gaute Bråthen                         Attitude Control System Design
09:20    09:40    Fredrik Alvenes                        Attitude Control System on Arduino
09:40    10:00    Martin Nygren                          Attitude Determination by Solar Panels as Sensors
10:00    10:30    Bram Bezem/Per K. Fjellby      Authenticated uplink for the small, low-orbit, student satellite NUTS
10:30    10:50    BREAK
10:50    11:20    Christian Nomme/Kim Sandvik  Development of Composite and Polymer Material CubeSat Structure
11:20    11:40    Morten Hatlen                          Payload: Determination of image compression levels
11:40    12:00    Snorre Rønning                        Payload: Observation of atmospheric gravity waves
12:00    13:00    BREAK   
13:00    13:20    Jens Abraham                        Slow wave feeding network for NUTS UHF antenna
13:20    13:40    Torleif Arjer Thommassen        Software quality assurance
13:40    14:00    Jordi Frances                         YAFFS2 filesystem
14:00    14:20    Kjell Arne Ødegaard                Correction of faults and errors induced by cosmic radiation
14:20    14:40    Andreas Giskeødegård            CubeSat Space Protocol over I2C
14:40    15:20    Sum-up and discussions