NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

What's next?

Written by: Roger Birkeland
Published: 03.12.12
The involved parties in the national student satellite program (ANSAT) are asking this question these days: What happens after this project? The current program is to be terminated in 2014, and the debate on what to do after 2012 is starting now.
Representatives from NAROM, Norwegian Space Centre, Kongsperg Seatex, Radinor, UiT, UiO, NTNU and CIRis met in Trondheim for a day of sharing experiences and startint the process towards a potential new program or project.

The inputs from the discussions will be used by NAROM for further planning.

After our discussions, the participants got a tour of the NUTS lab and the IET electronics prototyping lab. Thougts from the day from one of the partitipants point of view can be found at his blog. Terje Wahl at