NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

NUTS to Mars?

Written by: Roger Birkeland
Published: 23.11.12
The NRK-programme "Schrödingers katt" made a special show on 22th of November 2012. The theme was the destruction of the Earth, and if a mission to Mars can save humanity. In the audience were members of the NUTS team, and two of the project members got to contribute to the show!
One of the four selected "Martians" was Frida, who is the leader of our student organization. The whole show can be viewed from the NRK web site. (Link)

In addition to travelling to Mars, we got to learn more about the space tourism industry which
is a (slowly) emerging business at the moment.

The show was very interesting, and we had a great time in the audience.

(All pictures by Roger Birkeland, by means of a bad mobile phone camera...)

The program hosts doing their final preparations

In the bus back to Trondheim. Happy faces!