NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

6th European CubeSat Symposium in Switzerland

Written by: Fabian Eckholdt
Published: 10.01.15
Three members of the NUTS-team, namely Amund Gjersvik, Mathias Tømmer and Timo A. Stein, have attended the 6th European CubeSat Symposium in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland. During the three-day event the cubesat community got together to share results and lessons-learnt. The conference took place at the Swiss Space Systems (S-3) site close to Geneva in the period October 14-16, 2014. The event was organised by S-3 and the Von Karman Institute.
More than 200 participants from some 31 countries were attending the conference. Over 100 abstract were submitted and 70 presentations were given divided into 11 sessions. NUTS-team member Timo A. Stein also contributed with a presentation entitled “CubeSat-ready radiation monitor front-end electronics” (video). He gave an overview on his master thesis project which deals with the development of a compact radiation monitor for small satellites. For his contribution he received a student conference scholarship by ESA. All participating NUTS members were supported by NTNU and funding available to NUTS.

[Castle Estavayer-le-Lac, Jay Heberle]

We shared our experience with NUTS and gained new contacts extending our small satellite network. Relevant for NUTS was input regarding the radio systems and camera payloads on other student satellites. Interesting discussions were held and new ideas developed. In particular, it was great to get to know other students from across Europe which share the same passion for space. Other interesting aspects were the commercial use of cubesats, the potential for “big science” and future constellations such as numerous cubesats to be launched by the QB50 consortium.  In addition, students and researchers had the opportunity to present new ideas and form collaborations towards future mission proposals.

[Poster, S-3]