NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Semester start-up workshop

Written by: Fabian Eckholdt
Published: 11.01.15
The annual NUTS kick off happened this weekend. 21 students and a couple of helpers who were flown in especially for the event gathered NTNU to continue planning the building and launch of the NUTS.


The workshop started at 14.00 on Friday afternoon with presentations of the progress from the students doing their Master’s thesis on the NUTS project. Everybody participating got to listen to the technical status of the development of altitude measuring devices, how to position the satellite and take care of detumbling using magnetic fields, selection of parts and building of a camera to go onboard the satellite, how to handle and allocate the limited amount of memory accessible and download the desired information, as well as how to make sure that nobody else is able to take control over NUTS after it is in orbit. In addition, Lars Løge from StatSat, Stian Mathiesen from NAROM and Timo Stein from the CPT-SCOPE-team held a presentations on what they do. By 7 pm, there were quite a few rumbling stomachs, and the pizza that was served then was highly welcome.



This workshop has focused most on the radio system as this will be tested in this years balloon campaign. "The group has organized and structured software that has to be made in order to be able to have full duplex on the radio. This means the interface towards the VHF radio, revision of UHF radio driver and planned hardware changes", says Mathias, head of radio group.

Mathias Tømmer, Head of radio group

The PR group worked on developing the Romportalen website, a resource for people who are interested in space technology and want to look into where they can study, and work with, space. This group has also been working on articles for the NUTS home webpage.

In order to be as efficient as possible, the project provided lunch ("bread and spread", in addition to brain food like snacks and chocolate), something the enthusiastic NUTS participants greatly appreciated.

To mark the end of the day, some of the participants went go karting at Fossegrenda, and for a while the friendly atmosphere was exchanged with fierce competition.


The workshop started again bright and early Sunday morning at 10.00 with the groups resuming their work and a few people prepared an abstract for a talk they are to hold in Tromsø in June. After doing our best to finish the food leftovers, this successful workshop ended with the groups presenting the results of the weekend's work.


Written by: Anna Lovise Rekdal, Fabian Eckholdt, PR group