NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Workshop Speakers

Written by: Fabian Eckholdt
Published: 08.01.15
Friday workshop program.
14:00:00 Roger   Welcome
14:10:00 Henrik ADCS Implementation of Attitude estimation
14:30:00 Marius ADCS  
14:50:00 Antoine ADCS Detumbling of the NTNU Test Satellite
15:10:00 Andreas/Thomas Payload Sensor/lens selection and digital processing for new camera. And prototype.
15:30:00 Break    
15:50:00 Diaa FreeRTOS/embedded Memory management and error handling in FreeRTOS.
16:10:00 Alejandro FreeRTOS/embedded  
16:30:00 Erlend FreeRTOS/embedded Implementation of CSP
16:50:00 Erik FreeRTOS/embedded Logging system
17:10:00 Tarjei Uplink Uplink authentication
17:30:00 Timo Stein CPT-SCOPE  
18:00:00 Lars Løge Statsat  
18:30:00 Stian Mathiesen NAROM