NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Available positions for the organization team and software team

Have you ever wanted to see how you can apply what you learn in class to real world and hands on problems? Have you ever wanted to work in a student team that is reaching for the sky with new technology and research purposes? To help organize and motivate other students to pursue the fascinating beauty of space technology?

Then we have to project for you!

We are currently looking for new team members to complete our team. We have openings for students eager to help us enhance our overall awareness to other students and media and our financial status as well as students interested in embedded software and software for our ground station. We are looking for team members to cover the following tasks:

  • Economy
    You will be responsible for budgeting and accounting. Experience with managing the economy of a small organization is preferred
  • PR and outreach
    You will be responsible for promoting our project at NTNU and to the general public. You must be able to write well and knowledge of graphic design (Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator) and/or making videos is a huge plus
  • Twitter/Facebook/web-manager
    You will manage our Twitter and Facebook account as well as our web page. You must be able to write well and knowledge of graphic design (Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator) and/or making videos is a huge plus
  • Sponsor team
    You will write and send out sponsor applications to potential sponsors and manage our contacts

Software and Hardware:

  • Embedded hardware and software
    You will work with our satellite software system. This includes working with FreeRTOS, sensors, mission planning and more. We are using the AVR32 UC3 micro-controller as basis.
  • Ground station
    Mission operations (ground support equipment). This can include, Linux, Java, Phyton or C#
  • Integration and testing
    You will help to put the satellite together and perform tests

While working in the team you will get the opportunity to get a good grasp of the project as a whole, and have access to both technological and organizational solutions and problems we face.

General requirements: You should
- be able to take responsibility
- be dedicated to the tasks you will be handed
- be committed to the project and other team members
- to work 4-5 hours a week on project related tasks (one afternoon each week)

The application should include
- motivational letter
- relevant experience
- team experience
- CV

Send your application to: The deadline is 21st of March 2014. If you have any questions, contact our team by email to