NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Ground Station

Ground station

We now have the ground station partly operational. So far, we only got access to polarization, but during summer and autoumn, we will mount equipment to gain access to the other polarization alternatives also.

We have one antenna mast with tracking capabilities with UHF and VHF yagi antennae. In addition, we have a "mobile" turnsitle antenna for weather satellite (NOAA) data reception.


Our antenna mast with antennae

Equipment for main ground station

  • Tonna 2x9 crossed Yagi-Uda for VHF
  • Tonna 2x19 crossed Yagi-Uda for UHF
  • Yaesu 5500 azimut and elevation rotor with computer interface
  • ICOM 9100 radio for VHF and UHF
  • PC with WinXP and other software for tracking and signal recording


Our ground station rig. Not quite finished

Equipment for weather satellite image download

  • ICOM PCR-1500
  • Turnstile antenna
  • PC with WinXP, WXTrack and decoders

Weather satellite example

This is an image downloaded 11th February 2011, from NOAA19. We can clearly see most of Norway, and aparently, it was a sunny day! The image spans from north of Norway and south to northern parts of Spain and Italy.


The signal from the weather satellites is converted to an audible signal which is loaded into a decoder program that assembles the picture. There are several types of images accessable in the downloaded signal, the picture above displaying channel a. Click here to download the file this image originates from. The data signal can be clearly heard approximately two minutes into the recording.

More information

If you'd like to know more about weather satellites, you can visit this site: