NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project


 ntnu-250 NTNU
The Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (IET) at the University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the host department for NUTS. The department provides labs and study rooms for students in the project. In addition to IET, the Department of Cybernetics funds the project.

 norsk-romsenter-250 Norwegian Space Centre
The Norwegian Sace Centre (NSC) works closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and has its headquarters located in Oslo. The centre guides ESA contracts strategically. Public funding is obtained to support the development of Norwegian industry, to develop and demonstrate the applications of space and to undertake national space research.

 asc_250 Andøya Space Center
Andøya Space Center (ASC) is the world´s northernmost permanent launch facility for sounding rockets and scientific balloons and is responsible for all scientific-related balloon operations, data acquisition, recovery and ground instrumentation support. The space center has conducted 698 rocket launches and hosted scientists and engineers from more than 70 institutes and universities. ASC is a civilian facility owned 90% by the Royal Ministry of Trade and Industry , which is managed by NSC, and 10% by Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace.

 narom-250-2 NAROM
The Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education (NAROM) was founded as a subsidiary of ASC in 2000 to promote space education and science in general, acting as the link between the educational system and the Norwegian space industry. NAROM also aids recruitment for Norwegian space activities and seeks to create a better understanding of the benefits of space-related activities. NAROM is the main supporter and organizer of the national student satellite program.

 ansat-logo ANSAT
The Norwegian Student Satellite Program (ANSAT) is a program initiated by the Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education (NAROM), Andøya Space Center (ASC) and the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC). The project is an umbrella for three Norwegian student satellite projects:
  • HiNCube (Narvvik University College)
  • Cubestar (University of Oslo)
  • NUTS (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)