NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Publications and reports

Publications and reports from the project

This section lists publications (papers/posters/presentations) from the NUTS project. The list will be populated as reports are available.


22nd ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research

Birkeland, Roger; Stein, Timo Alexander; Tømmer, Mathias; Beerman, Michael; Petrasch, Julian; Gjersvik, Amund
The NUTS Cubesat Project: Spin-offs and Technology Development

Tømmer, Mathias; Birkeland, Roger; Gjersvik, Amund; Stein, Timo Alexander; Vestnes, Frida; Skagmo, Jon Petter; Kvamtrø, Knut Magnus; Eckholdt, Fabian; Alstad, Torgeir; Grande, Jøran; Mathisen, Stian Vik
Testing of radio communication subsystems for the NUTS CubeSat on a meteorological balloon flight from Andøya in 2014

66th International Astronautical Congress

Bratlie, Terje Andre; Efteland, Jørn Iversen; Fuglseth, Anders Nikolai; Gunnarsen, Gudmund; Birkeland, Roger; Hornig, Andreas
Field testing of tracking satellite signals using low cost radio equipment as an evaluation for the distributed ground station network


ESA Small Satellites Systems and Services Symposium, Mallorca

Marius Münch and Roger Birkeland
Development of a Security Module for the Uplink of the NUTS Student Satellite


64th International Astronautical Congress, Beijing

Snorre Rønning
Optimizing an infrared camera for observation of atmospheric gravity waves from a CubeSat platform

Jøran Grande
Educational benefits and challenges for the Norwegian student satellite program

5th European CubeSat Symposium, Brussels

Roger Birkeland
Preliminary Results for the NTNU Test Satellite CubeSat Bus abstract | poster

Jordi Frances
CubeSat Space Protocol on an RF Link abstract abstract

Kjell Arne Ødegård
Error Detection and Correction for Low-Cost Nano Satellites poster

2nd IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and CubeSat Workshop, Rome

Bram Bezem
Authenticated uplink for the small, low-orbit student satellite NUTS

Kjell Arne Ødegård
Survey of correction methods for faults and errors induced by cosmic radiation on operating system level in CubeSats

Martin Nygren
Using independent combinations of CubeSat solar panels as sun sensors for separating inbound sunlight information

Jens Abraham
Application of Slow Wave Structures for Miniaturized Satellite Feeding Networks

Roger Birkeland and Odd Gutteberg
Educational Aspects on a CubeSat Project

Roger Birkeland and Odd Gutteberg
Overview of NUTS


European Cubesat Symposium, Brussels

Kai Inge M. Rokstad
presentation:Investigation of using composite materials for the CubeSat primary structure

Fredrik Sola Holberg
poster:Implementation of three axis attitude determination and control system for a double cubesat

Toril Bye Rinnan
presentation:Development on the EQUEST method for attitude determination

Snorre Rønning, Marianne Bakken
presentation:Observation of Gravity Waves From a Small Satellite by Means of an Infrared Camera


IAC 2011, South Africa

Kristian Lindgård Jenssen, Kaan Huseby Yabar, Jan Tommy Gravdahl
A comparison of attitude determination methods: theory and experimentsNUTS - NTNU Test Satellite

Fredrik Sola Holberg
ADCS for the NUTS satellite