NUTS - NTNU Test Satellite, a Norwegian CubeSat Project

Work in progress

Autumn 2013

Now we are entering the phase where we will build the engineering model of the satellite. This means that we will take the good ideas and prototypes from former project members and aim to mold these into working subsystems fit for the engineering model.

So far, we have prototypes for the backplane, OBC and EPS that works integrated together, we have a prototype of the sensor unit for the ADCS-system (but so far we are lacking the actuators) and we have a crude lab prototype of the radio. All these parts, in addition to the camera interface will have to be re-designed and adapted and constructed the following months.

To complete the satellite and have somewhere to put our electronics, we have also a new design of the frame (as shown on the picture above). This still need refining and we have to produce the inner support structure.

If you are interested in this, either as part of your 5th year project work, or as a volunteer student, join us!